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Citation Generator

Online Citation Machine for a better research

Create APA, MLA, Chicago, and other styles with just a single click.

The Citation Generator is an online citation machine that helps students and researchers to cite their articles effectively. Using it, you can cite all your sources with a single click.

When you’re working on a publication or research, you need to cite the given sources to avoid plagiarism. Thus, in order to save your precious time in searching for the sources, this online citation maker provides you with all the citations of the sources in a few seconds.

Instead of spending your time searching for references on the Internet or in university journals, you can be at ease with the use of Citation Machine. This online tool is a convenient and indispensable help in research work.

How to use it?

Using an MLA/APA cite generator is a convenient way to cite sources. With this tool, you don’t have to search for academic papers or Google in order to cite sources. The citation machine does it all by itself in 3 simple steps.

Enter sources

After you land on the “Citation Generator” homepage, first paste your copied sources into the input box.

Click to process

To get the result of your sources, give the generator the command by clicking on “get citation” in a few seconds.

Get citations

In a few seconds, you will be provided with the results in the form of citations of your article.


If you don’t cite your thesis/scientific paper well, you will be charged with plagiarism allegations. Which is surely not a good thing for your research and study. Cite Generator helps your article to be free of plagiarism by citing each and every available source.


Finding the references for sources requires a lot of time especially when you are working on a scientific publication. You can save your research time by using the cite machine. It provides you with all the mentioned sources with just a single click, therefore, saving your time.on


There are many formatting styles for citing sources in articles as different journals have their own standards, e.g. MLA citation, APA citation, MLS citation. No matter what format you need, whether APA, MLA, AMA, ASA or Chicago, the citation maker will provide results accordingly. You just need to select your required style from the options and get citations.

How does it help?

This online citation generator is an indispensable tool for research students and teachers. The citation machine is designed to simplify the research process by finding the source of references all by itself.

Working on a scientific publication is a huge task that includes working on various aspects simultaneously. For instance, you have to research, collect data, finalize statistics, write everything down, cite references and summarize the results in your paper. Among all these aspects, finding references and citing sources is the most important task you have to do.

The online cite machine is designed specifically to help you find and cite the sources in the required format. Once you select your required format style and click “Get Results”, the citation generator will provide you with the results in no time.

Citation Generator Testimonial

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How do you create a citation?

The easiest and most convenient way to cite in your thesis is to use an online cite machine. Using it, you can create any citation with just a single click. The title generator can create citations in any of the required citation formats.

What’s the purpose of citations?

In research papers and articles, it’s considered illegal to mention another person’s work without crediting them. Therefore, the authentic and accepted method of mentioning another person’s statement or findings is citing references.

What does a citation generator do?

The citation generator finds the sources of the references and cites them according to the chosen format. In other words, the citations of the references given in an article are easily sorted with this online tool.